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The Long Win is a practical framework and philosophy to help us reframe success in our organisations, sports clubs, schools, public life and personal lives more meaningfully.

This website is a space to share thinking, ideas, stories and practical resources to accompany the revised second edition of The Long Win published in May 2024 – and I hope a place to help you bring Long Win Thinking into your personal and professional world.

Cath Bishop, Author

My name is Cath Bishop and I am the author of The Long Win. This book is the culmination of my experiences as an Olympic rower, former conflict diplomat and now a leadership and culture coach working with organisations across business, sport and education to reimagine and redefine success to help us achieve more in the long-term and reshape how we pursue success.

About Cath

Cath draws on careers as an Olympic rower and conflict diplomat, combined with her experience of working with a wide range of organisations across sectors to raise performance, transform cultures and develop effective leadership and teams.

About The Long Win

Cath published The Long Win: The Search for a Better Way to Succeed in October 2020 drawing together her personal and professional experiences across Olympic sport, international diplomacy, and working with organisations to coach and develop leadership and culture.

Long Win Thinking

The Long Win offers a different way of thinking and pursuing success, that is not just about ticking a new set of boxes but about a new philosophy and approach for our personal and professional lives. The book contains lots of questions and some tools to support you.


Applying The Long Win

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